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 August 2003

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  Page 1 Arson Attack on Church, Woman Found Injured by Tube Line

  Page 2 Reward to solve Murder Mystery, Tesco Turned Down,

  Page 3 Not such a Fair View, Picking it Clean, Summer at the Library

  Page 4 The State of The Estate, Local MP addresses Cypriots, Use it, Don't Lose It, Playgroup Places

  Page 5 Holy Trinity Wins Gold, Scholarship Success, The Business of Learning

  Page 6 Blue Plaque for Finchley Genius

  Page 7 Changing Places at The Phoenix, A Safe Place to Talk

  Page 8 School News, Bridge Column, Young Archer: Playing the Game

  Page 9 Memories of Hendon Aerodrome, Kalashnikov Kultur

  Page 10 Phoenix Gets Kids Animating, The Barrier of Age, Barnet Community Plan: A Flawed Document

  Page 11 Letters to the Editor, Soapbox

  Page 12 And All That Jazz