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 January 2003


  Page 1 Heading them off, Carbungle, Planning Blight

  Page 2 The Archer - Were You Involved? Cheque it Out, Triumph of the mobile phones

  Page 3 Juggleathon, A Sense of Community, Was Someone Trying to Tell us Something?

  Page 4 Harmony Stones, Hope you can Help, Homestart Success, A Pound a Pee

   Page 5 End of An Era, Red Lion Closes, New Year – New Start, For the Young-at-Heart

  Page 6 Waitrose – Waiting to be Told, Open Government, Friends of CTW vote

  Page 7 Waitrose letters, Rudi Vis replies

  Page 8 Young Archer – Old New Year, School Trips, School News, Heads you win

  Page 9 Kalashnikov Kultur, Michael Gentry, Deep in the Rain Forest

  Page 10 Book of Life, Art Show, An Evening with the NLC,  What’s On & regular events, Gardening

  Page 11 Letters, Soapbox, The Spitfire Was in My Garden

  Page 12 What has happened to all the Art Film makers? Local Artist hold exhibition