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 July 2003

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  Page 1 Library consultation booked, All the fun of the fair, Warning on windows

  Page 2 Tipping misery, North Finchley CPZ, Furniture recycling

  Page 3 Changed school plans, Barnet stalls on market, Waste watching

  Page 4 Ethnic Cuisine in East Finchley: Hungry for Hungary; For the record, Too sexy for my pub

  Page 5 Food feature: Middle eastern food, Fish & chips, Allergy attack

  Page 6 Festival review & photo spread

  Page 7 Festival photo spread

  Page 8 Young Archer, Brookland School at chess finals, Good times at Martin Schools

  Page 9 Community fire station, Diamond Day, Clean sweep

  Page 10 Aussie reunion, Fun-day for Inca trail, Regular events

  Page 11 Letters to the Editor, What's On

  Page 12 Pension credit, Stocking up at Holy Trinity School