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 June 2003

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  Page 1 Library lends confusion, GLA U-turn at Henly's corner

  Page 2 Council invites public inspection, Litter picking, Dog Show, CCTV for Barnet, Contaminated vodka

  Page 3 LA21 project deferred, Before and after school, High Road bus lane re-think, Anger over floodlights

  Page 4 Local writer wins prize, Reiki, Long distance sparks

  Page 5 Green light for Noel, Tree wardens take a bough, Transit of Mercury from N2

  Page 6 Green spaces feature: EF Allotments, St Pancras Cemetery, Holy Trinity Churchyard

  Page 7 Green spaces feature: Coldfall Wood, Cherry Tree Wood, Aquarius Archers

  Page 8 Green spaces feature: Fuel lands; Young Archer; Kalashnikov Kultur; Pensions - scraping the barrel

  Page 9 New dental practice, Anniversary for GLH, Going continental

  Page 10 Phoenix summer programme, Proms at St Judes, Home id where the art is, Centenary celebrations

  Page 11 Letters to the Editor, Soapbox

  Page 12 Woodcraft Folk, Church End Festival