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 May 2003

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  Page 1 Pay and Dismay, Developers Out to Grass, Stuck around the Truck

  Page 2 Running The Red Lights, North Circular No 1 for Noise, More Freedom

  Page 3 Barnet Borough watch Re-launch, Graffiti: Clean Up Your act, Community Support Officers in Barnet

  Page 4 East Finchley Advice Centre, Threat to Local Pharmacies, Marathon Martin

  Page 5 Pot Roost, Magdalene Sisters, Pension or Charity, Choices for Children Directory

  Page 6 The Whitsun Fair, Days of The Tram, Kalashnikov Kultur

  Page 7 Fetish Those Feet for Free, Mangalali Hoyee, Carl Edmonds Appeal, Bus Campaign

  Page 8 Young Archer: Peace Poems & Spurs visit, School News, Get Online Free with

  Page 9 East Finchley's Wildlife, Parakeets in N2, RSPCA News

  Page 10 Church Farm Museum: Watch The Birdie, What's On & Regular Events, MGM and The Old Days

  Page 11 Letters to the Editor

  Page 12 Seeing The Light, Return of The Cafe