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 October 2003

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  Page 1 Armed Robbery in High Road, Consultation: Cock-up or Conspiracy

  Page 2 Salons Targeted, Park Gates to be Locked, Trial Bus Route Approved

  Page 3 Suburb rejects Institute Plans, Duke of Cambridge: Going going gone

  Page 4 Alternative Library plans, A Question of Tactics

  Page 5 Bend over backwards for Yoga, Delivery stories, Partners in Crime Prevention, Fluoride Worries

  Page 6 History: The High Road in 1902, 1911 through the Eyes of a Child, On the Move

  Page 7 Mandarin Wedding, Recycle your Printer Cartridges, Esquires Gentlemen's Hairdresser

  Page 8 Finchley County Reunion, Hello Campus, Young Archer

  Page 9 Wildlife Diary, Kalashnikov Kultur, RSPCA News, Constitutional Alliance

  Page 10 Disney Preview & Family Day at The Phoenix, Record Time, What's On, NOT the East Finchley Library Consultation

  Page 11 Letters to the Editor, Soapbox

  Page 12 A Hair-Raising Encounter at the Barber's